Noel had never been shy about embracing her sensuality. She loved her body, and enjoyed looking in the mirror. Some people called it being vain. She called it self love. She loved her ass because it was round and perfectly plump. She loved her tits because they were perky and bouncy. She loved her thighs because they were strong and they helped her to ride a dick better than anyone she knew. She loved her pussy because it was tight, pink, and juicy.

Noel stood admiring herself in her full length bathroom mirror one night. She was wearing black lingerie and black stiletto heels. She was feeling particularly sexy on this night. She decided to make a video of herself and post it to a sex video site. But, there was one problem. She had no one there with her. Who would she make the video with? Noel had an idea….She had a full length mirror and a vibrator carefully tucked away in a cabinet in the bathroom. She would make the video alone.